After dominating cities, towns and food delivery around the world, Uber is attempting to command the high seas.

The transportation behemoth is launching UberBOAT on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, an on-demand speedboat service available through its app from June 26th.

It will serve Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik and is being rolled out as a permanent feature – unlike its previous temporary forays into boat-based travel in Boston, Miami and Istanbul.

Initially, UberBOAT will offer two services: an airport transfer or an afternoon out. The shuttle service is available from Split or Divulje airport to Hvar at a flat rate of €352 for a standard 8-person boat, or €493 for the XL option for up to 12 people. From Arrivals, the app will direct customers to the nearest pickup point, where the captain will be waiting with lifejackets and bottled water. 

The second service is an “adventure” option for half- or full-day trips from Split, Hvar and Dubrovnic to explore the nearby islands. Customers can hire the boat for a set amount of time and can pick their own itinerary. The price will depend on the specific journey, but a full-day fare for a standard boat will start from €980.

Hvar: One of the locations you can now pick up an UberBOAT (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Uber is billing the service as opening up private boat rental to a mass market. Davor Tremac, General Manager of Uber in Croatia and Southeast Europe said: “UberBOAT will offer locals and tourists a new way of exploring and travelling around the Croatian coast by providing a unique yet reliable and straightforward adventure to the islands around Split. Hvar and Dubrovnik.

“We are confident that the service will greatly increase on-demand island travel while contributing the the overall growth of Croatian tourism.”

Boats aren’t the only way Uber is dodging traffic. Its UberMoto option gives riders the choice ofin the heavily trafficked cities of Thailand, Indonesia and India.


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